Items to Avoid As Part of Your Website Design

When you think about website design, it is important to keep the user in mind.  These visitors are, after all, the heartbeat of your website and you want them to feel welcomed and encouraged to buy when they log on to your website.  Ask any Toronto web design company and they can attest to seeing plenty of websites that have good products but suffer because of poor design.

Good design is about not only presenting a professional and polished image for your online company.  Website design that is quality also looks at layout design, accessibility design, as well as user experience design.  This all goes hand in hand with graphic design, which is what most focus on solely.

Take a look at the checklist below to see if you are on track with your website design:

1) Background music
This is a no-no for your website unless you are promoting a website that is related to music.  Looping music is one of the biggest reasons that people will exit a website.  The best you can hope for is that someone will turn off their speakers if they don’t want to hear your music, but the likelihood is that they will simply log off and visit another website where music isn’t continuously playing.  Also, this is a nightmare for those who are viewing your website on a dial-up connection because of the load time issues it causes.

2) Text size that is too large or small
Remember, web design is about more than just graphics; you must also consider the user accessibility factor.  Visitors should be able to read the text on your website without needing to squint or pick up a magnifying glass.  Conversely, extra large font can be similarly frustrating for users.  These small details can cost you tons of sales.

3) Popup windows
These are one of the most annoying display items that many visitors complain about when visiting a website.  Most people instinctively close out a popup each time it comes on the screen or they have a popup blocker installed, which prevents it from being seen anyway.

In conclusion, please be reminded that your online company is dependent heavily on a website design that is conducive to creating happy and satisfied customers who will return to your website and do business with your company!

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