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When you've been in the Columbus Web Design business as long as we have, you learn how to create a fantastic website at an unbeatable price.

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8 Types of Internet Marketing for Your Website

If you have a niche website or company, you can benefit from Internet marketing because you can reach a very specific niche audience that you wouldn't possible reach through traditional avenues like niche and trade magazines.  Your Columbus web design company will take your through a rage of options that they can offer, in addition to the custom web design service.

Cost is the main and biggest difference between Internet marketing and traditional print. You have several affordable options available to you. And because hundreds of niche sites are being launched every day, the opportunities to market your website are practically limitless.

Internet marketing for your website has different types and they range from the obvious, in-your-face marketing to the subtle, soft sell type. There are 8 basic Internet marketing types that most website or online company owners use.

1. Banner Marketing
Banner Marketing involves the use of banner ads to promote a website or online company. Your banner ad would include your company or website logo, tag line and marketing message. Banner ads can be static or animated, and they can range size. The size of your banner ad would depend on how big the space is available on the website where you buy a banner.

2. Sponsorships
Many advertisers gain exposure for their website or Internet company through online sponsorship. Sponsorship could be either through website-wide text links and banner ads or online video commercials. Some advertisers sponsor free Website templates, for instance, wherein their link remains intact whenever a website template is used.

3. Text Link Advertising
Text link advertising works in the same manner as banner advertising. Text links can be website-wide and located in the sidebar, footer or any other area in the advertising site. Text link ads can also be incorporated within the content or the website itself.

4. Video Advertising
Video advertising can be done in the same manner as banner advertising by using different video screen sizes or it can have blatant advertising and presented as Website commercials. Video advertising is popular in video sharing sites, particularly if the video has an entertainment value attached to it and has the potential of going "viral" (being passed around through referrals or word-of-mouth).

5. E-mail Marketing
E-mail marketing is a type of Internet marketing that involves purchasing a text link ad or banner ad for placement in e-mail newsletters or e-zines.

6. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing or Search Engine Marketing
This type of online advertising involves purchasing text ads and banner ads and having those ads show as sponsored results with a link to your website when certain keywords or phrases are searched for. You would purchase this type of Internet advertising from Google AdWords, for instance, and have your ads appear on websites relevant to your keywords through Google AdSense.  Your Columbus Web Design company will help you install this on your website.

7. Online Classifieds
Online classifieds are similar to how offline classifieds work. You would promote your website or online company to an online classified website that lists other ads for the general market.

8. Pop-up and/or Pop-under Advertising
Pop-ups and pop-unders are online ads that appear under and over the original website you are visiting. Pop-ups and pop-unders may be triggered when visitors enter or leave a website or when they click on a link. Pop-up and pop-under advertising are regarded as an intrusive type of online advertising and browsers now come with built-in pop-up blockers.

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