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When you've been in the Columbus Web Design business as long as we have, you learn how to create a fantastic website at an unbeatable price.

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Populate Your Web Design with Quality Content

If you've been online for some time now, you've probably come across this statement: Content is King. Website owners and Columbus Internet marketers swear by it. What the statement means is if you want to build long term traffic to your website, the best way to do it is by creating unique and high quality content that people can't find elsewhere.

Having unique, quality content on your website can generate and boost your site's traffic in several ways. Your website will rank well in the search engines if you have lots of unique quality content on your website. Compared to a website whose pages contain nothing but links, a content website will do much better in the search engines.

Having quality content on your website encourages repeat visitors. If your website features content that people can find in other websites, you won't be able to make people come to your website again.

Keep in mind too that people from Columbus don't get online to read sales copy or sponsored links. They go online because they need information on something that may be bothering them or something they want to find out more of. So if your website is a place where they can find the answers to their questions or the information they are looking for, you can be sure that they will go back to your website again and again.

If you regularly feature unique and high quality content on your website, other sites and even blogs are likely to mention you or link back to your website simply because you are providing useful content. Not only will these websites and blogs linking to you generate traffic for you, you'll also get high points in the search engines because they factor in the number of websites linking to your site. This means you'll have a higher PageRank.  For a further explanation, just give a Columbus website design company a call.

So what kind of content should you put on your website?

1. Informative Articles
The more informative articles you can put to your website, the better it is towards establishing yourself as an expert and getting your website rank high in the search engines. You don't have to write all the articles yourself. If you don't have the time, the talent or the inclination to produce articles yourself, hire a web design company to do it for your. There are plenty of them online.

2. Add a Blog to Your Website
Add a blog to your website and make the search engines love your website. Make sure that you regularly post to your blog so that visitors keep returning.

3. Audio and/or Video
If you have the knack to produce audio and/or video content, do so, especially if you can add in entertainment value to them. Your visitors will certainly remember your site and visit again to check for new audios or videos from you.

4. Surveys and Polls
Give your visitors a voice. Ask them what they want or about issues and make it easy for them to tell you. You can conduct weekly or monthly surveys and polls and then publish the results on your website. This will make your visitors come back to your website to see what others have to say.

5. Create a Message Board or Forum
Add an online forum or message board to your website where your visitors can post messages, share their experiences or ask you questions. However, make sure that you have time to moderate the discussions so that there aren't any unpleasant posts or problems.  There are many easy to use scripts to do this that your web design company will have access to.

6. Post Testimonials
Regularly post testimonials from customers who are satisfied with your product or clients who are happy with your service. Make sure to ask customers and clients for their permission before posting, though.  Have your web designer setup an automated system for this.

7. Create an Archive of Your E-zine Issues
If you publish an e-mail newsletter or e-zine, make past issues viewable by subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

8. Enrich Your Product Descriptions
If you are primarily selling products or services on your website, make sure to create keyword-rich descriptions of your products or services.

9. Visitor Comments
Give your visitors a way to share with you what they thing by letting them post comments to your site. However, make sure that you set up a spam blocker on your site or else your site is going to be full of spam messages and dubious links.

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