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When you've been in the Columbus Web Design business as long as we have, you learn how to create a fantastic website at an unbeatable price.

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Web Design Myths Explained:
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Website Content Development
by BHS Web Design

Content is king! As the old saying goes, ‘Content is king.’ And nothing can be truer for website design. Having top-of-the-line copywriting and photo services for your website are absolutely critical these days. Here's how we can help you in the content department:

Professional Copywriting: We don't doubt that you know your business, but sometimes translating your thoughts into written words can be difficult. We have professional copywriters that can write the copy (text) that will appear on the pages of your website. No longer will you have to worry about finding the right words, putting a sales spin on the copy, making sure the spelling or grammar or sentence structure is correct. Our copywriters will also ensure that your website is appealing to the search engines by strategically inserting key words in your website copy.

Professional Photography: Professional Photography: BHS Web Design has access to millions of high quality stock photos, and we will help you find the perfect images to properly convey your message. And best of all, these high quality photos are included in the cost of the web design service.

If we're not able to find suitable pictures for your website, we have a digital SLR camera for original photography that will give your website that original look & feel.

We would love to discuss your project details with you - today!  If you're ready to start working with an experienced web design company that's truly located in Columbus, and not overseas, simply just give call us at , e-mail us at , or
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