Sunday, December 23, 2007

Search Engines & Internet Marketing

The world wide web grows larger and larger everyday creating search engines to suffer from information overload. Therefore, technology as well as search behavior has changed in order to adapt to this situation. In 2004, the search engine “Clusty” was introduced to give out “clusters” or groups of websites when you searched for something. The main idea behind this concept was to allow information seekers to view results by topic making it more user friendly. Another change that occurred to help out with the system overload problem was to develop multiple databases within the general search for websites. Take for example, if you go to, you will see categories for things such as video, sports, web, etc. These are different databases put in place to help target the specific website looking for. The newest development now is the social search engine which has made life easier for many Columbus residents.

The key driving force behind the search economy in the web design industry is the consumer. The Internet is becoming more and more used for finding information at a rapid pace, which means consumers are conducting more searches, and web designers are designing more websites. In 2006, search actually surpassed email as the number use of the web in Columbus. This is great news for people who are in the business of Internet marketing, web design, or sell products through their website. The whole point of Internet marketing is to try and attract people to see your add and then hopefully buy your product or service.

For companies who use Internet marketing as a consumer tool, they will be happy to note that the Columbus Government estimates the number of small companies who have a local website will greatly prosper from more people using the web to search. By the year 2010, it is believed that local search spending will reach four billion and will account for forty seven percent of local online advertising. It was only one billion in 2006 and one point seven billion in 2007. The number is vastly growing as more and more people search for stuff. As such, it's going to be more important to seek the professional council of an experienced web design company to assist you in the implementation of your web design and Internet marketing project.

When it comes to relating search engines and Internet marketing, you must think about the types of search engines you are visiting. As I briefly just touched on, local search engines in Columbus are widely used among many companies and the number of companies advertising will continue to grow for many years. Another type of search is called the Vertical search. This is great for a niche company website, because it focuses more specifically on a targeted search. Your search answers won´t be as general and broad like a local search would give you when using a vertical search. Lastly, the social search which includes the human factor with computer data. You can find out more information about social search if you look it up on the web. It is fairly new and more major search engines are considering using it when considering the quality of a web design.

Many companies are using Internet marketing as a bigger tool to lure consumers to their website because more people are using various search engines to search for things. It is a good idea to use the Internet to search for a website because technology is advancing and different forms of search have been implemented to help people specifically find what they are looking for.