Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Build E-mail Opt-in Lists to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Building opt-in lists is the key to maintaining customer loyalty and repeat website traffic. But, if they are not done properly, opt-in lists are essentially a waste of time and resources that create more of a negative image of your business than bottom line profits. Before you begin building opt-in lists, you need to learn the differences between opt-in lists that work and opt-in lists that fail. In fact, the most common distinguishing characteristic between building opt-in lists that work and those that fail is the planning that is put into the opt-in list. Most opt-in lists that fail do so because the website owner or web designer is so preoccupied with getting lists started that the doesn't first start with a plan. Simply having a list of people and sending them email is not doing enough to make money.

So now that we know why lists usually fail, let us spend the rest of the article concentrating on what you can do to make your opt-in list successful. If you have already begun building opt-in lists but you're not seeing any profitability, don't worry. We can take some steps to fix them. The same steps that help in building opt-in lists that work from scratch, are fortunately the same steps necessary for fixing opt-in lists that are not working.

Building opt-in lists that work starts with finding a niche product or service that you can provide for people through your website. In other words, your website needs to be very focused on filling a specific niche and your emails to your opt-in lists need to be very focused on the same exact niche. Learn all you can about the niche, and try to use a web design company that is one of the foremost experts on that niche. Take a very personal interest in that niche. Know both how it works and how people interact with it. Understand the target customer of that niche and what his or her life is like. Understand how they benefit from the niche or how they use the niche. The more you know about the niche products and services you are providing on your website and in your emails, the more likely you are to be building opt-in lists that work.

The second thing you need to do is provide your target customers with a reason to believe that your website is a trustworthy place to do business with a company that really knows all about filling that niche. People will only join your opt-in lists if you have something to offer them, and this all starts with a fantastical looking web design from a top rated Columbus firm. The best things to offer to get likely customers to join your opt-in lists are those things which are directly related to fulfilling your website's niche or purpose. If someone is at your website, it is because they are interested in what's there, so offer them more of what is there in a newsletter or free give-away when they join your mailing list.

Finally, in building opt-in lists that work you must make sure that EVERY email you send to your opt-in list is somehow related to fulfilling the niche that got people to sign up in the first place. That niche is the only thing all of your subscribers will have in common so the only thing that will interest all of them is obviously that niche. If you keep delivering that niche to them, they will keep paying attention to the email you send. If you start to deviate from that niche, some readers in Columbus will unsubscribe and most will stop reading your email. Once that happens you will no longer be able to drive website traffic and make sales off your opt-in list. The good news is that if each email you send is interesting and on the niche topic, your opt-in list subscribers will look forward to your emails and read and respond to what you send.

There are a lot of more intricate tips available on how you can fine tune your opt-in lists once you have them up and running smoothly. I recommend that you form friendships and join forums with other opt-in list marketers, web designers, and web design companies. Try to keep up with the latest trends and ideas on how to get the best responses out of your list members. You can also do a search on the Web now and then for new opt-in list optimization ideas. The more you can learn from the experiences of others using opt-in lists, the less time you will waste reinventing opt-in list wheels. May web design companies websites in Columbus will have more information on this topic through a web design articles section.

Be patient as you learn all of the important aspects of building opt-in lists that work. Most people do not find success over night. Success is something that steadily grows as your opt-in lists grow and as your experience using the opt-in lists grows. As your list gets very large, consider hiring a professional Columbus Web Design firm to help you with writing top quality articles for your website and email. The goal is to some day be seen as the #1 expert in your niche so that you'll be the first resource your opt-in list subscribers seek for answers and solutions.