Thursday, January 17, 2008

Using E-courses For Internet Marketing

An eCourse is a series of e-mails sent out to your website subscribers at intervals. Each e-mail message in an eCourse typically contains a lesson. An eCourse can be on any topic, and any Columbus Web Design company should be able to show you how to set one up in no time.

You can offer eCourses to people who visit your website to build recognition and trust as well as establish your expertise. For instance, if you have website devoted to babies, with mothers as your primary target audience. An example of an eCourse you can offer can be titled, "Tips You Can Use to Make Your Baby Sleep Through the Night in Just 7 Days."

The eCourse can be composed of 7 tips, with each tip placed in a separate e-mail message. People who sign up for this eCourse will then receive one e-mail (1 tip) every day for 7 days.

People who signed up for the eCourse can remain subscribed to your list even after the last lesson is sent. You can then continue sending relevant e-mails to these people unless they decide to leave your list.

Remember that every message you send out gives you the opportunity to gets your readers to visit your website. As long as the e-mail messages and offers you send out to them are relevant to the eCourse or your website's focus, you can safely assume that they would be interested in them. After all, they signed up for your eCourse, didn't they? This shows you that they are interested in the kind of information, products or services that you have displayed on the custom website.

Once you have an eCourse set up on your website withe the help of a Columbus Web Designer, you can simply let it run by itself. You only need to set up an eCourse once and it will do the work for you and bring traffic to your website for years to come. If you ever need to update the contents of your eCourse, you can do so easily and quickly.

So what do you need to do to set up your automated eCourse? You'll need to find an autoresponder script or service where you can host your eCourse and subscriber list - just ask your local web design company. The two biggest autoresponder services today are Get Response and Aweber. You want to host your eCourse with a reputable autoresponder service to ensure that your e-mail messages do reach your subscribers.

Let's say you decide to sign up for an autoresponder account with Get Response. You'll be able to plug in your eCourse lessons and specify the interval each lesson should be sent to subscribers. Once you have your eCourse set up, you will need to copy and paste the HTML code for your sign up form on your website. The web design company will help you with this. This sign up form is the form that people will fill out and submit in order to start taking your eCourse.

It's vital that the autoresponder service you choose to host your eCourse uses the double opt-in method. This method requires that people who sign up through your webssite for your course respond to the e-mail automatically sent to their e-mail address (either by replying from their e-mail program or clicking on a link within the e-mail message). The double opt-in method protects you from spam complaints and make sure that your messages are actually sent to the people who do want to receive them.

Once your web designer has everything set up, you can start promoting your eCourse and getting people to subscribe to it. You can continue offering an eCourse for however long you want and to however many people are interested to sign up for it. You can count on your eCourse to bring fresh traffic and potential traffic to your website.