Wednesday, February 6, 2008

7 Ways To Increase Columbus Website Traffic!

It is no accident that the highest value companies on the Web are not necessarily the ones with the highest annual profits but the ones with the most website traffic. This is because consistent website traffic presents unlimited opportunities for conversion into profits. Companies in Columbus that have the capital to do so concentrate for years on building website traffic before they even try to make a profit from their web design setup. However, those of us in the real world with small online companies need to be more balanced. We need to increase website traffic and make a profit early on in our web design. This article is an overview of the key methods the pros the Columbus Web Design industry use to increase website traffic without breaking their budgets. After reading this, you should either have some new ideas about how to increase website visitors or have reinforced your drive to use these ideas to draw more Columbus visitors to your website.

If you are like most of the small companies that us web design companies deal with on a day to day basis, you're scratching and clawing for every Columbus Website visitor you can get. The Web is the most competitive environment in the world because everyone with an Internet connection can do business on the Web. However, the Web is also the greatest business opportunity in the world, and Columbus, because there are about a billion people surfing around. What other marketplace can match that? Of course, none of those people do you any good unless you find a way to drive them to your website, and this is something that a good Columbus Web Design firm can help you with.

So, enough talk about the obvious importance of finding ways to drive website traffic. Below is a list of 7 important methods the pros use to drive website visitors without breaking their budgets:

1. Take part in online Columbus communities and forums. You can establish expertise, credibility, goodwill, and friendships with potential customers when you provide help to others in these communities and forums. You can also learn more about your customers and the needs people have that you can fill. You will increase website traffic for the long-term by being helpful in forums in many cases because these forum postings could be available on the Web for many years and help many people. Contact your Columbus Web Design company to help you find such websites.

2. Offer a helpful or interesting newsletter related to the content of your company website. This is another way of gaining credibility with potential customers. If you make your newsletter very interesting, it will also provide a regular marketing medium to those with an interest in your products. So you will be increasing website visitors from those likely to buy from you. Talk with your web design firm about getting one of these setup.

3. Write articles related to the content of your company website that you can publish and/or make available for other sites and newsletters to publish. It's important that your web design support some kind of blog system for easy content additions. You will gain credibility as an expert for the contents of your articles and from the willingness of others to recognize your expertise by publishing your articles. You will also gain exposure, as your Columbus company's name and website will appear at the bottom everywhere your articles are used.

4. Swap links with Columbus Websites related to your company website. This will help establish credibility for you because you are cited by other websites. More importantly, it will result in more website traffic from people in Columbus interested in your type of website. A further benefit will be that search engines will recognize links to your website as an endorsement of your credibility on the topic and thus put you higher in search results.

5. Make sure the content on your web design uses more nouns than pronouns. Search engines don't know what objects pronouns refer to when they see pronouns. And, the people in Columbus doing searches use the noun objects themselves for their searches. So your websites should include the nouns for which they are searching. And you thought learning objects, nouns, and pronouns in school was useless?

6. Consider spending most of your marketing budget on search engine advertising. This advertising not only will drive website traffic, but you only have to pay for website traffic from people doing a search for words describing what you offer. This increases your chance of closing sales directly off your advertising budget. Any Columbus Web Design company that's worth its salt can do this for you.

7. Offer things to your customers for free that improve your brand image or contain advertisements that your customers will pass around to others, increasing your exposure. This is often referred to as viral marketing because the marketing spreads from one person to the next instead of from you to each customer. The best way to achieve this is to offer something unique that is either extremely useful or entertaining - just ask a Columbus Website design company for some ideas. It is a definite plus if what you offer appeals specifically to your target market so that you will increase website traffic from buying customers.