Sunday, February 24, 2008

Preventing Google AdSense Account Termination

Google's earnings are directly tied to the confidence of its advertisers in the validity of advertisement click through statistics. So you can be sure that if Google suspects people of abusing their Google AdSense accounts Google will err on the side of Google AdSense account termination. You should also know that Google has advanced artificial intelligence software scanning for statistical irregularities that may indicate click fraud. Anyone suspected of abuse will be immediately flagged and possibly suspended or given a Google AdSense account termination. If the account is not terminated it likely that a Google AdSense investigator will be queued to investigate the possible infraction.

So there is more to maintaining profitable Google AdSense websites than generating revenue. You must also take measures to prevent Google AdSense account termination on account of suspected click fraud or Google AdSense account terms violations. Common violations, other than direct click fraud, include putting text to small for humans to read on your pages, text with colors too similar to the background of the page for human eyes to distinguish, and using CSS to hide or disguise text. A less common, but just as severely punished, violation include using scripts to dish out different versions of a website to search engine bots than to human website visitors. These violations will all result in Google AdSense account termination at Google's sole discretion.

Since Google also owns a search engine, abuses on the search engine are automatically cross-referenced to you Google AdSense account. So any other things you do that might be viewed as abuses on Google's search engine can result in a Google AdSense account termination. Things as simple, and possible to do accidentally, as submitting your site to the Google search engine too often could get you terminated. To avoid this, never submit your site to Google if it is already indexed by Google. Also, avoid submitting to Google through automatic and multiple submission sites or software. Having mirror websites, or more than one website with nearly identical content or structure, can also get you terminated. Avoid using the same content and/or site design in more than one page on the Web.

Another Google search engine violation that will result in a Google AdSense account termination is what is referred to as “link farms”. These are automated reciprocal link exchanges. Preventing Google AdSense account termination for link farms is a matter of not joining any automated link exchanges and not having too many links on any one of your pages. Consider less than 75 links per page to be a safe amount.

Closely related to link farms is selling or buying text link spaces on highly ranked sites to the highest bidder. This is one of the hardest forms of violation for Google to spot because they can't know the motives for your link being placed on a page. However, sometimes an evil competitor will tip them off. Or sometimes your stupidity or the stupidity of the other site will tip them off by actually posting a request to bid on the link placement for ranking purposes.

While one could argue that search engine doorways are in fact a reputable practice, depending on their structure, Google claims they're spam. So if you use doorway pages, your Google AdSense account may be terminated. They are especially sensitive to doorway pages with AdSense ads on them, so don't ever put AdSense on a doorway page.

One additional caveat to note is that Google AdSense account termination can be accompanied by a Google search engine domain ban. That is, if you attract the attention of a Google investigator that determines you're doing something that harms the Google search engine, that investigator can also see to it that your domains that have had AdSense on them are no longer listed in Google search results, either temporarily or permanently. This is probably the worst thing, short of a lawsuit, that can happen to a website owner who has spent years building up search engine traffic.

Preventing Google AdSense account termination may involve changing the way you do business to a small or large degree. But, if you're earning a lot of revenue from Google AdSense you just cannot afford to risk it. Play it safe and appease Google if you value your AdSense revenue stream.


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