Thursday, March 13, 2008

Avoiding Google AdSense Click Fraud Termination

Google has the right to terminate your Google AdSense account for any reason. However, Google AdSense wouldn't make so much profit if it went around terminating people without a reason. But, if Google suspects you of Google AdSense click fraud, Google will not hesitate to terminate your account. Many owners inadvertently do things that get them either an immediate Google AdSense click fraud termination, or an immediate account suspension for further investigation depending on the severity of the infraction and how much Google AdSense income you generate. It is important to take steps to prevent and resolve any problems that may lead Google to suspect you of Google AdSense click fraud.

You may be asking yourself, "What is Google AdSense click fraud?" It is simply when you, a friend, an affiliate, or someone in your employ unscrupulously clicks on your Google AdSense links for the purpose of generating additional income for your site. More simply, it is stealing from advertisers and tarnishing Google's reputation with advertisers.

But, the tricky part of this is that you have no control over the actions of people visiting your websites. Sometimes site visitors just do strange things, like opening every Google AdSense link in a new window. Or, you may have a competitor trying to put you out of business by putting you out of Google AdSense.

One way you can spot strange website visitor behaviors is by regularly checking your website statistics. Click-monitoring software may be even more useful at finding behaviors that may lead Google to suspect Google AdSense click fraud. Most hosts not only provide good website statistics packages now, but they will also allow you to ban IP addresses of those that may be behaving strangely. You always hate to ban people from your website, but sometimes it is necessary. If you really want to protect yourself, you can send your access logs to Google and explain to them that you suspect someone is behaving strangely on your website. Google appreciates help finding these people, as they often behave strangely on many other sites with Google AdSense.

Sometimes people get a Google AdSense click fraud termination through their own accidental use. You may want to consider disabling access to your Google AdSense ads on your site for your own IP address or via a cookie. This is a bit too complex for the scope of this article, but if you have the know-how it is not a bad idea.

Don't tell friends and family with limited Internet knowledge about making money off of AdSense on your site. It is a common story that someone receives a Google AdSense click fraud termination for a friend family member thinking they can help out by visiting your site and clicking the links regularly.

Google employs the best artificial intelligence pattern recognition technology in the world. If you come up with a scheme you think can fool Google AdSense click fraud technology, you're probably on the fast track to click fraud termination. Any irregularities are quickly flagged and sent to human investigators. Any common click fraud techniques are flagged and given immediate terminations.

One of the common forms of Google AdSense click fraud that Google keeps a close eye on is the use of keywords that are not related to site content. People try to get visitors to their site by using keywords not related to the site. Then, the people will naturally see ads related to those keywords leading to another site and click on those. One method of doing this is by using site titles or link titles saying stuff like “this is not a page about [keyword here]”. You will receive a Google AdSense click fraud termination for this behavior.

There are some other ways you should be aware of for which you can receive a Google AdSense click fraud termination. Making an automated link clicker for your site visitors will get you caught every time. It isn't click fraud, but putting AdSense on sites with adult content or gambling content can also get your account terminated.

If you do get your Google AdSense account suspended for click fraud, the best you can do to get your account restored is to confess to anything you may have done accidentally or through Terms of Service negligence. Ask for forgiveness. Promise not to do it again. Send any relevant server logs or statistics you may have that show you are being honest, but don't try to make too many excuses. Once your account moves from suspension to Google AdSense click fraud termination, you have little hope of ever having an AdSense, or even AdWords, account again, short of legally changing your name.


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