Tuesday, March 18, 2008

5 Tips to Maximize Subscriber List Profits

More and more online businesses are going back to the proven method of retaining website visitors and website customers: the opt-in subscriber list. The use of a subscriber list to retain customers is driven by its low costs and high conversion ratios. What makes the use of a subscriber list particularly profitable to a business is that it takes people who have already shown an interest in the website's niche and it holds onto them, giving them many more opportunities to partake in actions that will be profitable to the online business. Further, being on the list doesn't annoy the heart of your business, the customer, as it is given to them only when they purchase a product or request to be on the list. If you keep your emails interesting and related to the topic that brought the customers to your website, they may even find being on the list to be an enjoyable experience.

Maximizing subscriber list profits is therefore simply a matter of sending out email with something that will peak the interests of those on the list. You already know what they're interested in, the niche topic of the site where they signed up to be on the list. Therefore, piquing the interests of those on the subscriber list is simply a matter of sending out a newsletter focused on that niche, having free giveaways related to that niche, offering discounts on products related to that niche, and/or giving resources away that are related to that niche.

The modern difficulty of building a subscriber list is that people get too much email as it is, most of it spam trying to sell them something. These people often don't want to sign up for yet another recurring sales email appearing in the email inbox. Why should they opt to be on your subscriber list?

One of the keys to overcoming subscriber commercial email apathy is to educate them on how being on your subscriber list will be different than all of the other email they get. Concentrate heavily on your website's niche. This is why your website visitor is there in the first place. They have already shown by being there that they are interested in it. Let them know how they will get more of this niche by being on your subscriber list.

Don't neglect how well your website content fulfills the niche you are trying to serve. People will only want to join your subscriber list if you've shown them that you are fulfilling their needs for that niche. If you have a site full of poorly written articles about the niche or articles that are so packed with keywords that humans can't make sense of them, website visitors are probably not going to be interested in getting more of that in their inboxes. On the other hand, if you fill your site with great article content, and then tell them they can opt to receive more great content like they are seeing in the form of a newsletter, you hold a great chance of getting them to join your subscriber list.

Once you have your plan in place for attracting subscribers, maximizing subscriber list profits is easy. Here are five tips on maximizing subscriber list profits:

1. Turn your subscriber list into a viral marketing network. Put in entertaining material or jokes that will inspire your current subscriber list members to tell others about your subscriber list newsletter.

2. Find ways to get your subscribers to visit your website as much as possible. This will help you with branding and provide your website with more opportunities to close sales.

3. Use ebooks to your advantage. If your subscribers are not paying enough attention to your articles, randomly offer free ebooks related to your niche. If you have a really high-quality ebook you've published on your niche that is for sale, quote it often in your subscriber list newsletter.

4. Consider selling newsletter advertising space or placing affiliate advertisements to companies closely related to your niche. You already know what your customers are likely to purchase because you know what your website is all about.

5. Consider expanding your product line to other products or services that would be of interest to people who have shown an interest in your website's niche. You may find that some of your customers have related products that you can sell on a consignment basis within your subscriber list newsletter.


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