Monday, March 24, 2008

Using Google Adsense To Earn Money Online

Over the last few years Google AdSense has become the hottest Web income topic on the Internet. Thousands of forums, newsletters, and websites are dedicated to earning Google AdSense income from your website. There are some who have made millions on AdSense from the comfort of home. There are far more earning Google AdSense income in the thousands of dollars annually in some of their spare time. Many now tout earning Google AdSense income as being the easiest online money making opportunity. But, that depends on you, your work ethic, and your skill set.

Earning Google AdSense income is simply a matter of placing a code snippet that generates relevant ads on your pages that are receiving steady traffic. The more traffic you get, the more you Google AdSense income you generate. Likewise, the more a click is worth to the advertiser, the more Google AdSense income you will generate from each click.

Unlike other forms of making money on the Web, you don't have to sell anything to your site visitors to make money. You just have to provide something on your website that will generate traffic, and Google AdSense takes care of the rest. It is thus reasonable to say that if sales is not your forte, earning Google AdSense income may very well be the easiest online money making opportunity for you.

Simple Techniques to Increase Google AdSense Income

One of the simple techniques you can use to increase Google AdSense income is to offer people something for free from which they will benefit. For example, if you offer free e-books for download, you may find many people downloading the e-books. If you put Google AdSense on a high traffic page such as this, they will see links to other sites offering e-books and quite likely click on the links.

Some people have found that they can increase Google AdSense income simply by putting Google AdSense links on pages that site statistics show to be the last pages visited by many Web surfers. If people are leaving your site when they go to that page anyways, why not give them some place to go? This way you increase Google AdSense income from people who were going to leave your site anyways.

Another technique used to maximize overall site income with Google AdSense income is to place Google AdSense on pages where you have already got affiliate links or your own products for sale. It may seem like this will drive people away from the activities that earn you money, but the fact is most site visitors don't purchase anyways. So if they're not really serious about making a purchase, you can still earn Google AdSense income off of them.

Alleviating Google AdSense Income Anxiety

One of the main reasons cited by website owners for not taking part in Google AdSense is the big fear of giving away website traffic to competitors. However, the Internet is a big marketplace and giving away a few customers will not make a big difference in market share. Further, what could be more sweet than having money come out of your competitors' pockets and into your pocket as you are earning Google AdSense income from their links? Now if you have some particular competitors you just don't want to help out at any profit, then Google AdSense has a URL filtering feature where you can specify competitors you don't want to be allowed on your site. Yep, it is that simple.

Other website owners have this fear that if they build their sites around earning Google AdSense income and Google suddenly disappears or changes its policies, all of their income eggs are in one basket. There is no immediate danger of this happening, as Google's AdSense program is making more profits by itself than many of the largest corporations in the world. But just for added insurance, there are several competitors to Google AdSense that offer the same easy advertising income techniques as Google AdSense, should you be stuck with Google AdSense customized websites suddenly one day.

Actually, the biggest danger with earning Google AdSense income so far has been that you may inadvertently violate the AdSense terms. Many people lose their Google AdSense accounts for not paying close attention to the terms. Basically, just don't abuse the system and you'll be OK. But, should you suddenly lose your Google AdSense account or have it suspended, there are still those other options out there for you to earn income.


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