Monday, April 7, 2008

Get Targeted Traffic Using Google AdWords

It is no longer a secret that the best method of obtaining targeted traffic on the Internet is Google AdWords. Plenty of money and person-hours are put into most sites. It takes a lot of effort to get the site branding just right and to make all of the technical aspects of the site function fluently. The purpose of most sites is to be viewed by as many people who have an interest in the site content as possible. If the site does not get this traffic, all of the money and work that have gone into the site is wasted. This is why Google AdWords has had such a huge impact on e-commerce.

Each interested site visitor brought by Google AdWords brings with it the potential for the site to accomplish the site's core mission. However, you must be careful that you do not grab a visitor interested in a specific thing and bring that visitor to a site with too general of a topic or too broad of a topic coverage. You need to showcase whatever product you have that is right on topic with the one that person was searching for when that person came to your site. This specific topic is sometimes referred to as a niche. Always drive the visitors from Google AdWords straight to the niche for which they are looking. Otherwise they may continue right on to the next promising site. However, if they buy something in the specific niche they were looking for, they will keep you in mind when they are buying the other things you may provide in the same general category.

Make Your Money Grow Itself

It is well-known that you have to make your business known to others or they will never do business with your business. One of the most common ways of doing this is by running advertising campaigns. For smaller businesses, advertising is a way of educating customers about the existence of the business and how the business can serve their wants or needs. Good advertising conveys the message that your business has what your target customer wants. Great advertising conveys the message that your business has what your target customer wants to your target customers. In other words, using something like Google AdWords to advertise specifically to your target customers increases the efficiency of your advertising budget, but only if you convey your message well.

If you can come up with a good estimate of how much profit the average, well-targeted visitor generates for your site, it is very easy to know how much you are willing to bid on each Google AdWords click. Your site and business customer capacity should then be the only limit on your Google AdWords budget if you want to make your money grow itself. After all, each customer coming to your site will be someone who was searching for a keyword or key phrase that identifies that person as a target customer. There is no better way to match advertising budgets to target markets.

Google is a very large advertising provider that not only leads the Internet in most measurements of usage, but also contracts out to provide their services for many of the other top search portals on the Web, such as Ask, AOL, and Netscape. It also provides search scripts that Google AdSense members can put on their pages to earn revenue when someone searches for and clicks on the keywords and key phrases on which you bid.

More to Google AdWords Than Just Targeted Traffic

You will not only get targeted traffic using Google AdWords, but you will also get tools to help you improve your ad campaign. As mentioned before, a big part of your advertising campaign is conveying the right message to your customers. Google AdWords gives you very precise, in-depth statistics on how well you are conveying your message compared to other sites. For example, they tell you what percentage of people searching for the keywords you bid on are actually clicking on your link as opposed to one of the other links on the page. You can change your advertisement a little and see exactly how this effects your click rate. If you have sales statistics packages on your own site you can compare the changes in click rates from Google AdWords statistics to your sales statistics.

So don't be afraid to combine your statistics on getting targeted traffic using Google AdWords with other online tools and statistics packages. An example of a popular tool many people use to improve their results are keywords selection tools. Google AdWords itself has keyword selection tools to help you choose keywords related to your site, but there are other keyword tools available for use on the Web and for download that will give you additional tracking information and evaluation of those keywords. Just do whatever it takes to improve the targeting of your advertising campaigns and you'll find you get targeted traffic using Google AdWords to an extent beyond your imagination.


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