Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Inexpensive Internet Marketing Ideas

It is not enough to have a great product and a beautiful website. If you want to be successful on the Internet, you need to implement some form of a marketing plan. Fortunately, the Internet gives you many opportunities to market your site and products without much expense.

Below are some ideas you can use to help your convince potential customers to take a look at what you have to offer. As you read through this information, take note that each idea is something you give to your customer. One of the great truths of Internet marketing is that many people cannot resist the opportunity to get something without paying money. In the modern era, people put great importance on the concept of "value."

1. Find at least one item you can dangle in front of your potential audience as being "free." Of course, it is not really free. They have to visit your site or join your mailing list to get the free stuff you are offering. If it is something such as a short report or e-book, you may be able to make it yourself. You may also be able to find something you can give away for free that will be of interest to your site visitors. Or, for a fee you can hire a writer or software developer to make a very unique software tool or an e-book pertinent to your site topic to give to Web visitors.

2. One of the oldest Internet marketing techniques is to offer a free subscription to a newsletter or e-zine on your site. If you write your own newsletters, this can be done at not cost to you. Best of all, the people who sign up for your newsletter will be people interested in your site. It is much easier to sell to people on this type of list than to sell to random visitors to your site. Make sure that you continue to give either great information or links to more free items in your newsletter so that your subscribers will still be paying attention to the content when you provide information about the products or services you want them to buy.

3. Provide some kind of news on your site that will be of interest to potential customers. Keep it fresh. Make it good enough for them to keep coming back for the news and they will become familiar and comfortable with your brand. If you are a good writer learning to publish, press releases can be golden. Don't sell your products in your press releases, but rather focus on establishing your brand's credibility as a reputable resource in the field. There are also inexpensive press release writers and submission sites available on the Internet.

4. Many people seek out the opinions of others before making decisions. Take advantage of this by writing reviews of products or services related to your site. Some ideas of things that you can write reviews of are books, broadcasts, schools, seminars, blogs, and other media. Try to avoid writing about your direct competition. Don't forget to attach your brand to your reviews.

5. Don't forget that previous customers make the best future customers. Offer your previous customers incentives to do business with you again. Offering a time-limited discount is an excellent way to gain repeat business and get control over the timing of cash flow. You can also offer them opportunities to pre-order items before they are offered to new customers. Consider setting up a free service for repeat visitors. If appropriate, help forums are an excellent way to hold on to customers by both increasing satisfaction and keeping your brand fresh in their minds.


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