Thursday, April 3, 2008

Profiting From Product Reviews

Doing occasional positive product reviews, or product recommendations, related to your website's niche can be a lucrative addition to your Columbus Website. Profiting from product reviews is not a new marketing technique in Columbus, but it is one of the least talked about. This is because it gives opportunities for dishonesty by those recommending products that aren't good just to make money. However, if you are profiting from product reviews that are honest and you give you reasons why your product recommendations are being made, you can further your website's credibility and usefulness. If you give a product recommendation and someone reads it and buys the product and finds everything you said about it to be true, they are very likely to come back and look through your product reviews in the future. This means continually profiting from product reviews is dependent on honesty, as any good Columbus Web Design company will tell you.

What makes product recommendations profitable is the widespread availability of affiliate programs selling every imaginable type of product. So you go find products that you particularly like related to your site's niche, write up a little product review and accompany it with your affiliate link, with the help of your Columbus Web Design company of course. Before you know it you're making commissions off the product and your website visitors are enjoying the product. Product reviews are one of the highest conversion methods of making sales, with one of the strongest customer appreciation indexes. It all comes down to how well you establish website visitor trust in your website and how carefully you manage it.

How far should you go in your honesty? Here's the thoughts from a reputable Columbus Web Design firm: in most cases saying a few negative things about the product you are recommending will result in higher sales conversion ratios than just saying positive things. Saying only positive things will give website visitors the impression you're making a sales pitch. Saying a few things you would change about the product gives your product review credibility. To really close the sale, you can just make it appear that you are giving a product recommendation because even with the little annoyances the product has, the positive features of the product are too good to be ignored. If one of the negatives of the product is a feature the website visitor really wanted, then that visitor probably won't buy. But they will be grateful and more likely to return to your website. If you failed to mention a crucial negative and the person bought, they would possibly return the product and likely resent your website.

To be successful with product recommendations the whole of your website must establish your credibility as an expert in your website niche. People will be willing to pay a premium and buy nearly anything from you if they are highly interested in the niche and they have complete faith in your evaluations. So make providing expert, honest, unbiased information on your niche topic the primary goal of your website if you want to profit from product reviews on your website.

Always maintain a sense of professionalism on your website, but with a tinge of deep concern for your website visitors. Make it look like you are one of them and out there fighting for them. But never lose your calm or cool in your forums or website content. And, when you take up an issue, do not take a side on the issue itself but rather take a side on how the issue is being handled by those involved. This is how news mediums give off the impression that they are a high-quality, expert resource that can be trusted. You need this same type of trust to profit from product reviews.

But while you are portraying yourself in a certain light, do not go overboard and exaggerate or minimize truth. You need to remember that many people will see right through any falsehood. In fact, they are at your website because they are interested in the niche of your website. Many of your website visitors may themselves be among the foremost experts in that niche field. Don't give people a chance to doubt your honesty and credibility.

Finally, don't give product recommendations for products you don't personally know anything about. Not only can it make you look like an idiot, but it can damage your reputation as a reliable source of information on the niche in which you specialize. It takes a long time to build up your website visitors' trust in your credibility, but only a dumb mistake or two to rip their trust away.