Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Building Columbus Customer Lists With Articles

No matter how useful or unique your website is to website visitors, it is only as useful as the number of visitors it serves. So the first priority of your web design has to be finding ways to get visitors. Once visitors are in hand, something can be done to serve them and profit you. It is at this point you can worry about things like customer service and customer satisfaction. One method that has consistently proven to work both at getting consistent website visitors and then providing them with satisfaction is the use of opt-in email newsletters on websites. This helps with building customer lists to which you can continue to market your website products or services, but you must first find a way to attract people in Columbus to opt-in. High-quality, search engine optimized articles are an excellent way of getting people to come to your website and join your customer lists, and most Columbus Web Design companies offer this as an added service.

One of the advantages of an opt-in list is that it gives you the opportunity to give customers more of whatever brought them to your website. Another advantage is that most of the process is automated and requires little extra effort or time from the web designer. Further, building customer lists builds goodwill with the customer base before it attempts to solicit any form of payment or future use from the customer base.

Building customer lists with articles is partly about sending people useful articles that they will continue to read. If these articles are meaningful to your subscribers they will continue to read them, giving you an excellent place to promote any new website offerings or new products. You don't have to write the articles yourself, as plenty of people make their articles available to be published in newsletters. However, keep in mind that the qualities of building customer lists with articles will be lost if you do not keep your readers reading. So publish only interesting articles. As your readers become more and more familiar with you, your credibility will grow and so will customer and site visitor loyalties. If you really want to drive your readers to your website you can try emailing them a preview of the article with a link to the entire article on your website rather than emailing them entire articles in the newsletter, and any Columbus Web Design company will tell you this.

Another important way of building customer lists with articles is to place many interesting articles on your website as a means of search engine optimization. Don't be tempted to put bad articles filled with keywords on your website. If the customers don't like the articles on your website, why would they want to sign up for your newsletter or ever come back again? Give them great articles on your Columbus Website and watch with glee as one website visitor after another opts-in for your newsletter. The bigger the actual reading audience of your newsletter the greater your visitors' site loyalties will be and thus the greater your website traffic will be, particularly when you have something you want to offer them on the website through a newsletter advertisement. These types of site visitors generated by building customer lists with articles are generally twenty times more likely to make a purchase while at your website than search engine generated visitors and hundreds of times more likely to make a purchase than random website visitors. Building customer lists with articles is how you can most effectively turn visitors into loyal customers and big profits, and all you need to do is hire a Columbus Web Design firm to make this happen.

Once again, avoid using poorly written, keyworded articles on your website if you're after repeat profits. However, that doesn't mean you can't search engine optimize great articles for your website with well-placed keywords to help you attract people to your website who will opt-in to your customer lists. Keywording articles is the only way to tell the search engines what your articles are about, as search engines tend to be less intelligent about this than they let on in public. But, if it comes down to a choice between better content and keyworded content, go with the better content that is developed by a reputable Columbus Web Design company.

One thing to keep in mind is that website visitors are usually there for a specific reason. So keep the topics of your articles specific to your website niche. Don't stray off it or your visitors will find themselves wading through a bunch of things they don't care about to find the few they care about. In most cases, they will soon be gone from your website and never return if you don't catch their attention with mainly the specific niche for which they came to your website. The more specific your niche, the higher your customer loyalty opt-ins will be because your website will have something hard to find elsewhere.