Monday, February 18, 2008

Monitizing Your Columbus Website Traffic

It used to be that getting website traffic was not that difficult. In fact, some websites in Columbus collapsed because they couldn't afford the bandwidth costs of all of the traffic they were accidentally getting. That is because it used to be more difficult to turn website traffic into profits. As customers in Columbus have become more inclined to make purchases online and advertisers have become more inclined to pay for online advertising, monetization of website traffic has become a relatively simple matter with the help of a good web design company.

The big reason why it has become more difficult to get website traffic is that there are more websites out there trying to grab as much website traffic as they can to make as many sales as they can. In other words, competition for website visitors is multiplying at a greater rate than the number of people browsing the Web is multiplying.

This is a very good thing for customers, but a difficult thing for small companies just trying to earn enough money to survive. There is nothing wrong with trying to make a profit, as this is what makes a capitalist society function at its best. If you do not do everything you can for the monetization of website visitors you will cause an economic inefficiency: the loss of your income from society. Small company profits are the lifeblood of a strong economy and a strong nation. Never believe any web design company who tells you that the monetization of website traffic is somehow an evil practice or a practice that hurts society. But, in order to continue providing your website and to pay for the time and related expenses you must have a stream of incoming cash flow.

One of the core concepts here is that people living in Columbus buy things because they need them or want them, not because they are forced to buy them. When you provide advertising links that a customer clicks on, you are not only making a profit but you are doing a service to the customer. However, if you misdirect or trick website visitors for the monetization of website traffic you are doing them a disservice and ultimately doing yourself a website traffic loyalty disservice, and you shouldn't work with any Columbus Web Design companies who promote this practice.

So how can you make money from your website traffic? The methods for making money on the Web are as infinite as the financial imagination, and any good web design company can help you with this. But if you don't have a lot of time for imagination you can stick to some tried and proven methods for the monetization of website traffic. The two most mainstream forms providing for the monetization of website traffic are sales and advertising.

With the sales method, you make money from your website by selling your visitors a product or service that is closely related to the visitors' reasons for visiting your website. For example, if you are getting lots of visitors on a website you made dedicated to fixing hand saws, it would make a lot of sense to go about the monetization of website traffic by selling hand saws, hand saw parts, and hand saw repair tools.

With the advertising method, you also cater to the topic of your website except instead of selling anything yourself, you put paid advertisements from others on your pages. You can sell marketing space directly, sign up with a marketing brokerage to display their advertisers' ads in exchange for payments each time the links are clicked, or join affiliate programs that pay you a commission on sales generated from your website. Website traffic is the most important component of profitability for most Web companies, so people are willing to pay you a premium to redirect some of the traffic in their direction.

The more closely your website content matches the products you sell or the products your advertisers sell, the more profitable the monetization of the website will be for you. If you do not have a product to sell that closely matches your website content and you don't want to drive traffic to your competitors' websites through advertisements, you may find affiliate programs to be the most desirable monetization option for your website traffic. You can choose to be affiliated with a company that sells products or services very related to your site. Thus, your website traffic will be very likely to make a purchase. Affiliate programs usually pay very well, ranging from 2% to 70% of gross income, depending on the difficulty of finding customers that are interested in the product being sold. So the more unique the appeal of the content on your site, the greater the monetization value of your website traffic. Ask your local Columbus Web Designer about your options.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

How to Generate Website Traffic that Turns a Profit

The main difference between successful Web companies in Columbus and unsuccessful Web companies in Columbus is their ability to draw website traffic that they can convert into sales. Most of the companies that fail on the Web fail because they don't generate website traffic at a profit. Either they generate too little traffic or they generate traffic from surfers who are not likely to purchase their products. It may seem like traffic is traffic no matter where it comes from, but this simply isn't true. It is just as important that your visitors are people from Columbus who are interested in your website content, products, or services as it is that you generate large amounts of traffic. The ideal is to get both. The surest way to get traffic that will convert to sales is by paying for website traffic from websites that have content and purposes complementary to your website or by paying a Columbus Web Design company to undertake a search engine marketing campaign for you.

It is true you can swap links with similar websites in Columbus to get traffic for free. However, you're in business to maximize your profits and there are limitations on time and other resources that will limit how much traffic you can drive to your website by simply using these methods. And, everyone else is competing with you trying to do the same thing. You must complement all of your other marketing strategies by purchasing website traffic if you want to maximize your company's profitability.

There is no measurable limit to the amount of quality website traffic you can purchase because there is no measurable limit to the number of website owners who would be willing to send you website traffic in exchange for additional revenue, and a good web design company will show you how to do these link trades. It all goes back to the most fundamental concept of capitalism: you have to spend money to make money. There are many ways you can spend money to make money, but if you are marketing to people in Columbus who are unlikely to buy your products, you are wasting your money.

So let us focus a minute more on getting website traffic from search engines. Website traffic from search engines converts into sales and repeat customers at a very high rate. The search engine not only sends you people looking for exactly what is on your website, but it also gives your website a certain credibility in the mind of the person doing the search. While there is a chance you can generate heavy search engine traffic through constant search engine optimization work, you need a sure thing when it comes to your business cash flow. Think of the traffic from search engine optimization as the icing on your business cake. Think of paid search traffic as the heart of your website traffic engine. You don't have to worry about whether or not you'll get paid search engine traffic because the search engine wants to make money and they only make money by sending you traffic. As long as you're willing to pay a high enough price, the search engine is willing to send you customers looking for your products, and any most Columbus Web Design firms offer search engine marketing services.

As you may have figured out by now, the way purchasing website traffic from search engines works is you put in a bid of how much you're willing to pay to receive a potential customer searching for a certain term related to your site. Each time someone clicks on your advertisement, he is sent to your site and your search engine account has a charge placed on it for the amount you bid. It stands to reason then that the key to knowing how much you should bid for a keyword is having a good estimate of the likelihood that a person searching for that word will make a purchase on your site, and your web design professional will let you know what is a good deal, and what is a bad deal. You also need to know how much profit you will make from that purchase so you can estimate how much the average site visitor is worth. The final step is telling the search engine you are purchasing website traffic from the maximum amount you are willing to spend on traffic during that month. You can start small until you learn how to make good search engine advertisements and how much you can expect the average visitor to spend on your website. If you follow these guidelines, and work with a reputable Columbus Web Design firm, you stand a good chance of purchasing website traffic at a profit.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Google Adsense: Turn Your Columbus Website into a Cash Machine

AdSense is taking the Web by storm, and many companies in Columbus are jumping on board. Some would go as far as to say AdSense is changing the fundamental ways in which the Web operates. Whatever your take, it is apparent that the concepts behind AdSense are here to stay. AdSense is so simple that the smallest Columbus Website owner can figure out how to put in on his or her page with the help of a web design company and generate some amount of cash from it. This cash is generated by an advertiser who pays Google each time the advertiser's link is clicked. Google in turn pays the AdSense member that provided the link placement on his or her website.

Since all of the financial arrangements are handled by Google, all you as the website owner have to do is provide the space for the AdSense advertisements on your Columbus Website design. In fact, Google will not only handle the financial arrangements, but it also uses its advanced search engine content analysis tools to determine the advertisements most relevant to your website's visitors. This saves you the time most advertising and affiliate programs require in picking out your own advertiser's advertisements. Of course this service works better if you have a content website with plenty of words for Google to analyze.

The underlying reasons why AdSense is the essential component of a content site are that it provides income for the content website owners and it provides informational and referential value for site visitors looking for more resources on the current topics. If properly formatted into the layout and overall web design, AdSense will only add to the value of your website and increase your website traffic. Positioning the AdSense advertisements well can also improve the percentage of site visitors who view the advertisements, find them useful, and click on them.

Google AdSense also provides you with free statistics about the performance of your website that rival most of the expensive statistical analysis tools, previous only available to other Columbus Web Design firms. In analyzing your Google AdSense stats you will find out what your website visitors are really interested in reading. You can read detailed reports about which of your pages are the most viewed and which pages link to AdSense content in which your readers are interested in viewing. You can then develop more content on those topics, with the help of any web design company.

Since the AdSense statistics on your website pages are always available in real-time, you can immediately view how changes made to your website effect site visitor behavior. You can even do groupings across pages on various sites to get additional statistics based on those groupings - like the the number of visitors from Columbus to your website. This allows your web design company do a lot more testing of content and layouts to see how they effect your site visitors.

Advertisers will obviously benefit from your website if you partake in AdSense. That is why they are willing to pay you for sending them traffic. In fact, the more valuable the traffic you send to advertisers, the more money they are willing to pay for that traffic. What makes traffic valuable is the uniqueness of your website niche. The more unique your website niche the more rare the types of site visitors you'll have are for your advertisers to find. AdSense helps you to really focus your website to fill a niche for people and advertisers.

Of course, whether your website is profit oriented or oriented towards some other purpose, the fact is that you have costs associated with running the website. You might as well be making at least enough money from it to cover the costs of the website and your time. One thing many website owners in Columbus have learned is that the more money they make from the website the more time they can devote to it. Many end up retiring from their Columbus day jobs to provide a high quality website full-time. If this sounds like a possibility that is of interest to you, then you can understand why AdSense is the essential component of a content site, and you should contact your Columbus Web Design company today to get this setup for you.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

7 Ways To Increase Columbus Website Traffic!

It is no accident that the highest value companies on the Web are not necessarily the ones with the highest annual profits but the ones with the most website traffic. This is because consistent website traffic presents unlimited opportunities for conversion into profits. Companies in Columbus that have the capital to do so concentrate for years on building website traffic before they even try to make a profit from their web design setup. However, those of us in the real world with small online companies need to be more balanced. We need to increase website traffic and make a profit early on in our web design. This article is an overview of the key methods the pros the Columbus Web Design industry use to increase website traffic without breaking their budgets. After reading this, you should either have some new ideas about how to increase website visitors or have reinforced your drive to use these ideas to draw more Columbus visitors to your website.

If you are like most of the small companies that us web design companies deal with on a day to day basis, you're scratching and clawing for every Columbus Website visitor you can get. The Web is the most competitive environment in the world because everyone with an Internet connection can do business on the Web. However, the Web is also the greatest business opportunity in the world, and Columbus, because there are about a billion people surfing around. What other marketplace can match that? Of course, none of those people do you any good unless you find a way to drive them to your website, and this is something that a good Columbus Web Design firm can help you with.

So, enough talk about the obvious importance of finding ways to drive website traffic. Below is a list of 7 important methods the pros use to drive website visitors without breaking their budgets:

1. Take part in online Columbus communities and forums. You can establish expertise, credibility, goodwill, and friendships with potential customers when you provide help to others in these communities and forums. You can also learn more about your customers and the needs people have that you can fill. You will increase website traffic for the long-term by being helpful in forums in many cases because these forum postings could be available on the Web for many years and help many people. Contact your Columbus Web Design company to help you find such websites.

2. Offer a helpful or interesting newsletter related to the content of your company website. This is another way of gaining credibility with potential customers. If you make your newsletter very interesting, it will also provide a regular marketing medium to those with an interest in your products. So you will be increasing website visitors from those likely to buy from you. Talk with your web design firm about getting one of these setup.

3. Write articles related to the content of your company website that you can publish and/or make available for other sites and newsletters to publish. It's important that your web design support some kind of blog system for easy content additions. You will gain credibility as an expert for the contents of your articles and from the willingness of others to recognize your expertise by publishing your articles. You will also gain exposure, as your Columbus company's name and website will appear at the bottom everywhere your articles are used.

4. Swap links with Columbus Websites related to your company website. This will help establish credibility for you because you are cited by other websites. More importantly, it will result in more website traffic from people in Columbus interested in your type of website. A further benefit will be that search engines will recognize links to your website as an endorsement of your credibility on the topic and thus put you higher in search results.

5. Make sure the content on your web design uses more nouns than pronouns. Search engines don't know what objects pronouns refer to when they see pronouns. And, the people in Columbus doing searches use the noun objects themselves for their searches. So your websites should include the nouns for which they are searching. And you thought learning objects, nouns, and pronouns in school was useless?

6. Consider spending most of your marketing budget on search engine advertising. This advertising not only will drive website traffic, but you only have to pay for website traffic from people doing a search for words describing what you offer. This increases your chance of closing sales directly off your advertising budget. Any Columbus Web Design company that's worth its salt can do this for you.

7. Offer things to your customers for free that improve your brand image or contain advertisements that your customers will pass around to others, increasing your exposure. This is often referred to as viral marketing because the marketing spreads from one person to the next instead of from you to each customer. The best way to achieve this is to offer something unique that is either extremely useful or entertaining - just ask a Columbus Website design company for some ideas. It is a definite plus if what you offer appeals specifically to your target market so that you will increase website traffic from buying customers.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Building a Columbus Newsletter Subscriber List

While many companies in Columbus have seen drastic fluctuations in profits over the last ten years, those companies who have successfully concentrated on building a newsletter subscriber list have seen continual profit growth. Fluctuations in profits are so rampant mostly because of fluctuations in the availability of new customers in Columbus willing to make purchases online, say many local web design companies. However, having a good newsletter subscriber list helps you build customer loyalty and stay in contact with those who have purchased from your company in the past. The more they enjoy your newsletter over time, the greater the likelihood they'll take note of your advertisements in the newsletter and the greater your credibility will be in their eyes.

Even though newsletter subscriber lists are one of the oldest and most proven forms of Internet marketing, and often touted by any local Columbus Web Design company, many small businesses are just now taking notice of its power. This is important because small business will benefit even more from building a newsletter subscriber list than large companies. Everybody remembers large companies and what they offer, but it takes a newsletter to keep your small company in people's minds for when the people are looking for what you offer.

Building a newsletter subscriber list in Columbus requires opt-in marketing techniques, which your web design company will brief you on. You have to find customers who want to receive your newsletters. The way you do that is by providing the same things in your newsletters for which people come to your website. That is to say, people are at your website because of the niche you serve. So if they are interested in your website design because of that niche, they are likely to be interested in your newsletter because it services that same niche. So offer your newsletter to people when they come to your website as a means of getting more servicing of that niche. Your Columbus Web Design company will help you get this setup.

This newsletter subscriber list in turn will provide you with a well-targeted customer because the person reading the newsletter is naturally interested in the niche your products or services fill. So whenever you are trying to sell something in Columbus, you can put information about it in the newsletter and instantly reach your Columbus customers who are already family with you and your credibility. So they will not be hesitant to buy your products that they want or need the way a new website visitor, unfamiliar with your company, would be.

How long it takes you to build your newsletter subscriber list is dependent on how much website traffic you get. Talk with your Columbus Web Design company about techniques to drive traffic to your website. If you do not get very much website traffic, then it may take you a while to build a newsletter subscriber list before you see big benefits. However, the less website traffic you get, all the more crucial it is for you to keep as much of it as possible as repeat business. If you get a lot of website traffic, you will find building a newsletter subscriber list is very easy and very financially rewarding over long periods of time. This is because new website visitors have very low sales conversion ratios and website visitors from your newsletter will have very high sales conversion ratios since they feel they know you and can count on you to deliver. So, it is vital that your hire the right Columbus Web Design company to make sure that visitors like your website.

So about now you're probably wondering how to get started building a newsletter subscriber list. Well, to start you'll need a website design to place on the niche content rich portions of your website where people can enter their email addresses to receive your newsletter. You will want to accompany it with a brief description of what benefit they'll receive from this newsletter.

The higher quality the content on your website and the better your website serves the needs of the website visitor, the more likely the visitor will be to sign up for your newsletter, so it's important to have a good web design company working for you. So it is really important that the articles on your website be every bit as impressive as the ones that will be in your newsletters.

Just as your articles and other content on your site need to be high quality and useful to your website visitors, so too should your services and products be high quality and useful to Columbus visitors. Nobody wants a newsletter from a company that provides junk, because they would expect the newsletter to be junk too. If you make your site really creative and interesting in the process, you will make a better impression about the creativity and entertainment value that will be found in your newsletter.

Don't do anything dishonest on your website that may make someone in Columbus think they cannot trust you with their email address. Likewise, if you do things that appear dishonest in your newsletters, they'll want to unsubscribe from your newsletters too. It is very important when building a newsletter subscriber list to appear to be very forthright and noble. A good privacy policy on your web design can help add a few subscribers. A note next to your form to subscribe to the newsletter reassuring them that email addresses will be shared with no one could double the conversion of site visitors into newsletter subscribers. And again, and good Columbus Web Design firm is going to tell you all this.