Thursday, February 11, 2010

Branding Your Columbus Business and Domain

All Columbus area companies need to choose a name that will provide an appropriate brand image for them to gain and hold on to customers. However, Internet companies must additionally take domain names into consideration when deciding on their brand names. A good domain name must match up in an appropriate and even stylish way with the company name. Ideally, the decision for both the company name and the domain name should be made conjunctively. It's a good idea to have your local web design company check to see if the domain name is available.

When choosing your company name, consider the potential offerings you'll have and what markets in Columbus they'll serve. You'll want your brand to be fitting for any of the possible directions your business may take. Make sure that the name is easy to remember for those you'll be serving. It must portray an image that appeals to your customers. For branding and legal reasons, avoid names that could be confused with other companies in your area of business.

After you have some company names in mind, you will need to come up with some domain name ideas to see which combination will work best for you. The simplest choice for your domain name is the extension. The extension should match customer expectations. For example, you'll annoy quite a few people if you run a fully commercial site on a .org domain.

If you are going with a .com domain name, the chances are most of the logical domain names you want will be taken already. You will have to decide if the branding value of a domain name is worth trying to purchase an already-registered domain. If not, you might find that substituting numbers for words and placing hyphens as word separators will give you the name you want. However, for legal reasons you must be careful in doing this that the websites with similar domain names do not have trademarks on the words used in your domain name for similar business types in Columbus, or customer regions.

If you want your domain name to be your company name, your company name should be short and easy to remember. It's also a good idea for search engine purposes if your company name relates directly to the products or services for which your customers will search. But if the domain name is not easy to say and remember, offline advertising methods will be less successful. One way to overcome this is to have a slogan or jingle that implements your domain name in such a catchy way that people can't get the spelling or phonetic pronunciation out of their heads.

Of course, in the search for the domain name to be matched to your company name, you have to find out what domain names are already registered. Typing in domain names in the URL or address bar of your Web browser is a common mistake made by people just beginning Web design. Many domains are already registered even though they don't have a site posted to the Web. To find out what domains are available, you must go to a domain name registrar and use their domain name finder to see whether the domain names you think up are still available for registration. These finders tend to be smart tools that will help you by making suggestions of other similar domain names that are available. This makes the process of finding a domain name to match your business name much easier, and prior to registration, all web design firms are going to go through this step.

Once you have a company name that matches well with an available domain name, that's all there is to it. You're ready to register your domain name. Then you have your business name and domain name pair that will begin the branding process of your Internet business in Columbus. Now, all you have to do is find a good web design company!