Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Have a Good Website is a Million Dollar Business in Columbus

Internet marketing and having a proper web design is a million dollar business environment in Columbus. There is lots of demand for advertising space, and it pays well too. In other words, with a meticulously planned website design, you will be able to create a website that generates multiple streams of revenue for you. Conversely, a poorly planned website design could turn out to be an online wasteland with no revenue or visitors. Interestingly, as it is observed, most Columbus Webmasters, instead of giving the website some uplift, just ignores it, thus turning it to be another wasted cyberspace.

In order to exploit the potential of your web design to generate revenue, as a first step, redesign your website into ‘sections’ or ‘blocks’, ordered by themes or content, and start building subsections or pages in those blocks/sections. For example, if yours is a dietary website, make different sections for topics such as ‘nutrition’, ‘exercise’, and ‘weight loss’ (say), and place relevant articles in these sections so that for a website visitor, it’ll be far easy to find the information he/she may be looking for on your website. Remember, the main reason why most of the netizens skip a website without even peeping into its home page content is owing to the apparent complexity in spotting the right info they came searching for. If you have all the website contents organized systematically, there is no reason why Columbus netizens can’t be satisfied with a website. The bottom line is to have good and relevant content in the website, all properly organized and arranged for better user friendliness.

Once you have a properly designed and updated website in Columbus, hard sell it in the internet. It is important to build traffic to your website design. As your fame spreads, you can sell spaces in your website to people who are in look out for online ad spaces in top websites. The ads you get will mostly be from products/services of the same niche as your website is. You could charge varying amounts for ads depending on where on the page it appears.

That was about private ads. But, even before you could rope in sufficient private ad placements, to start with, it’ll be a good idea to put up Google ads in the website design. For every click on the ads, Google will pay the adsense account owner a share of their profits. The amount you get per click may vary with the type of advertisements and the advertiser himself. But on a general scale, as it has been observed, a click should pay anywhere in the range of few cents to couple of dollars. Yahoo! Search Marketing, by search giants Yahoo!, is another similarly paying advertisement scheme used by many Columbus Web Design companies.

Apart from ads, you could also generate revenue through affiliate promotion; that is, by promoting third party products and services through your Columbus Website design company. The affiliate partner will pay you a certain percentage of the amount they get for every sale originating from your website. For example, Amazon and eBay offers similar affiliate schemes.

In short, the internet offers umpteen opportunities to people in Columbus for revenue generation using your website. It is just about promoting your website and tapping the web’s potential optimally.