Monday, April 12, 2010

5 Rules to Follow for Web Design & Internet Marketing

Website design and Internet marketing can be just as fun as it is challenging. It’s fun because of the creativity that is involved in creating your own website for personal or business use. If, however, you are using your web page for business purposes there are some points to consider. Poll any Columbus Internet Marketing company and would agree that these 5 tips as important for web page design.

Rule #1: Stay away from splash pages

The splash page, which is the first page usually viewed when arriving at your website, must not only look cool, it should serve a purpose as well. If you have a website design which features a “welcome” or “enter here” button, you may be actually doing more harm than good. Remember to provide value on every page of your website and eliminate the need for visitors to click the “back” button.

Rule #2: Use banner advertisements minimally

Not only do many people pretty much ignore banner ads on pages these days, they also take up important space on your website. Every inch of space on your website offers valuable real estate; use this real estate to encourage visitors to willingly click on affiliate links rather than feeling pressured to do so.

Rule #3: Provide easy & clear navigation

The simpler it is for people to navigate your website, the more likely you are to have people visit and more importantly, visit again often. If you remember to choose a website design that even children could figure out, you are on the right path.

Rule #4: Users should know where they are

It is easy for a visitor to your website to get lost in what they are viewing your website page(s); because of this it is important to create a web design which allows users to easily figure out where they are on your website at any given time. If they are confused, the likelihood becomes greater that they will leave your site and move on to the next.

Rule #5: Stay away from audio

Using audio can be tricky with web design. Be sure that if you decide to use audio on your site design that it adds rather than takes away from the functionality of your site. Many visitors find audio content on a website to be distracting and may depart for this reason.