Monday, April 12, 2010

5 Rules to Follow for Web Design & Internet Marketing

Website design and Internet marketing can be just as fun as it is challenging. It’s fun because of the creativity that is involved in creating your own website for personal or business use. If, however, you are using your web page for business purposes there are some points to consider. Poll any Columbus Internet Marketing company and would agree that these 5 tips as important for web page design.

Rule #1: Stay away from splash pages

The splash page, which is the first page usually viewed when arriving at your website, must not only look cool, it should serve a purpose as well. If you have a website design which features a “welcome” or “enter here” button, you may be actually doing more harm than good. Remember to provide value on every page of your website and eliminate the need for visitors to click the “back” button.

Rule #2: Use banner advertisements minimally

Not only do many people pretty much ignore banner ads on pages these days, they also take up important space on your website. Every inch of space on your website offers valuable real estate; use this real estate to encourage visitors to willingly click on affiliate links rather than feeling pressured to do so.

Rule #3: Provide easy & clear navigation

The simpler it is for people to navigate your website, the more likely you are to have people visit and more importantly, visit again often. If you remember to choose a website design that even children could figure out, you are on the right path.

Rule #4: Users should know where they are

It is easy for a visitor to your website to get lost in what they are viewing your website page(s); because of this it is important to create a web design which allows users to easily figure out where they are on your website at any given time. If they are confused, the likelihood becomes greater that they will leave your site and move on to the next.

Rule #5: Stay away from audio

Using audio can be tricky with web design. Be sure that if you decide to use audio on your site design that it adds rather than takes away from the functionality of your site. Many visitors find audio content on a website to be distracting and may depart for this reason.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Make Money by Selling Your Columbus Website

If you’re stuck for money at any point you could always sell your website design to bring in a fair amount of money depending on how successful the website is. You can make your site stand out from the crowd by following certain steps. Always ensure that you keep record of your statistics about your web design so that you can show potential buyers increasing the chance of a sale. Some websites allow you to actually auction your website design allowing people to bid what they think it’s worth, this can sometimes work out better as people get involved in a bidding war and do as much as they can in order to win the website. There are websites where you can list your website completely free of charge and some require a small fee to list your website design for sale, you can try them both but people often have better results in the paid listing as it attracts only the genuine people.

A lot of people will contact you asking for the domain name and how you got it successful, these are usually just wasting your time to find tips and tricks on how to improve theirs.

There are many places in which you can list your Columbus Web Design for sale, you are advised to advertise it at as many as possible in order to get the most exposure. Always have the relevant images ready so that you can prove that the earnings you claim your website design makes are true as this is the main factor when considering the price your website is worth. The general rule is that your website is worth around 12 month’s revenue, you can often add additional costs on for the time and effort it took to create it, advertising, etc. You can’t just add money onto the overall price and claim to have spent $XXX on advertising, this will show in your statistics so will only trip you up in the long run.

If you are having trouble deciding a price you can seek guidance from a Columbus Web Design professional, you can get someone to look through your site and come up with unbiased price of what it is worth. This will look good to potential buyers as they know that the asking price is fair.

Once you have your price in mind you can put together a sales pitch basically telling people in Columbus why they should buy your web design, include information on the revenue it makes, the amount of traffic is receives, how it has improved over the previous months, how much it costs to run, etc. Anything you feel that will be able to strengthen your pitch should be included, along with any screen shots of the Columbus Web Design to back this up.

When you have found an interested buyer you need to decide on a method of payment, there are a lot of people who try to scam people when it comes to this stage. Never send any data or change anything in the hosting or registrar until you have received payment. A lot of the websites that allow you to sell websites will have some sort of feedback system so you can see people’s previous transactions. This can put your mind at rest but if you come across a new member always be cautious.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Article Marketing and Search Engine Optimization for Columbus Website Promotion

Search engine optimization is become quite popular amongst many Columbus Web Design companies. When you use search engine optimization (SEO), you are putting keywords in different parts of the page, including the underlying page code. This type of search engine optimization allows the search engines to know what your website’s content is about. It lets them know how important each part of your information is. This type of marketing is called search engine marketing, and many Columbus Web Design companies are offering the service as an add-on to website design services.

One very popular method of this type of marketing, often employed by Columbus Web Design companies is article writing. Article writing can provide important backlinks to your website. Good articles give your website visitors some good content to read when they come to your website.

There are a lot of good reasons to start adding article writing to your marketing efforts, but three of them stand out as the most important, as mentioned to me by another Columbus Web Design company owner recently.

1. You are giving your website a great amount of relevant content. When people in Columbus surf the Internet, they are looking for information. The visitors on your website will be looking for that information on your Columbus Website. When you have good articles on your website, you are giving them what they want. This makes their experiences pleasant. They will come back to your website again and again for more information. They may even spread the word to others that your site is the place to get information.

2. The search engines will find that your website is very important when it is full of relevant content.

3. Article writing is a great strategy for link building. When you send your articles to a syndication website, you are allowing website owners in Columbus to use your articles on their websites. When they do this, they are giving backlinks to your website.

Content Is Important

With sites like and, the Internet is becoming dependent on the preferences and likes of the people who are using the Internet. It was once possible to trick the search engines into believing that your website was full of relevant content, but today many people want to know from real people how good your site is. This makes the Internet a more pleasant place to be for Columbus Internet users.

If there are hundreds of real people who think that your website is a great place to find information, then there probably is a very good reason. Search engines like Google will show these websites more attention as it becomes apparent that they are a good resource for finding relevant websites. You can see why it is important that your Columbus Website have the most relevant, quality content.

Search Engines Know Fresh Content

The search engines now have the capability of determining if the content on your Columbus Website is original. They can tell if you have copied the text from another website. This allows the search engines to determine whether the website is kept updated and has not been neglected for a period of time. It also shows that the website was created and updated with unique, quality content. This is how a good website is identified. If your site has a lot of relevant, quality content that is kept up to date regularly, it will rank highly in the search engines. Most Columbus Web Design services also include regular content development services for this reason.

Link Building And Article Submission

Once you have created an article that you are going to be using on your website, you can take advantage of the quality content that you have created by letting other website owners use the content on their websites. You will do this by submitting the new article to article directories. The article directories are very similar to website directories. The only difference is that they list articles instead of websites.

If you look around the Internet you will find a number of these directories where you can submit articles. This allows website owners to use your article on their websites, provided they leave your resource box at the bottom of the article. This resource box shows that you are the creator of the content. It will also have a link back to your Columbus Website design. These backlinks are one of the most important ways for you to market your website. The search engines will look at the amount of links to your website with content related to your website when they determine how important your website is.

SEO Keyword Optimization for Your Articles

One key way to optimize your website for search engines is to make sure that your content on your site is keyword rich. Articles are one aspect of your website content where you can use these keywords. You should use the keywords and phrases in your articles as many times as you can without the articles sounding unnatural. When the search engines find your keywords in articles on your website and on other sites linking to your website, they will associate your site with those keywords.

The Importance of the Resource Box

The resource box on the bottom of you article has your name as the author of the article and a link that goes back to your website. This is the most important part of your article. The reason for the article in the first place is to get the links to your website. You can just include URL to your website design, but you should include some sort of anchor text as well. This text is a clickable link in the article that will bring the user from other sites to your web design.

You can also just include the name of your web design in the resource box, but you should put some sort of keyword or keyword phrase in the link too. The search engines will look at the anchor text when they are indexing pages. Some people choose to put the anchor text in the article body, but many people believe that it makes your article look like its only purpose is to drive traffic to your site. Your article should provide good information and not just backlinks and keywords. If you're a Columbus business, be sure to include "Columbus" in your resource box.

The Value of Your Article and Duplicate Content

It may seem that if you can get your article submitted to as many directories as possible you would be creating a lot of backlinks. That is certainly true, but there is a problem with this approach. Google will flag your article as duplicate content, decreasing the value of your article link. The more websites that carry your article, the more decreased in value your article link becomes. Many Columbus Website owners simply will not use articles and content that is showing on hundreds of other websites.

It is more important to get a backlink from a well placed website with a high ranking, than it is to get hundreds of backlinks from lower ranked websites. The best strategy to use is to place your articles on no more than five article directories. The article directories that rank in the top five of your search results for article directories are probably sufficient.

The Best Article Marketing Strategy from a Columbus Web Design Pro

If there is time, you should consider posting your original article on your website and sending a rewritten article to the directories for syndication. This will keep your Columbus Web Design from getting slammed for duplicate content. Now you can make the decision to submit the rewritten content to as many directories as you would like. Or you can focus your attention on getting the higher ranked publications to publish your article. The latter will give your website the highest quality incoming links. The choice is up to you.