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When you've been in the Columbus Web Design business as long as we have, you learn how to create a fantastic website at an unbeatable price.

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Web Design Myths Explained:
There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the web design process, which can sometimes make finding a Columbus Web Design company a difficult task.  Get the facts from 14yr web design industry experts.  Read More...





Columbus Web Design Myths Explained

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the web design process, which can sometimes make finding a Columbus Web Design company a difficult task.  Here are the facts  from 14 year web design industry experts:

Web design service is a commodity

This is certainly not true. And in fact, website design service is probably one of the most subjective services on the planet. An effective custom website requires both breadth of knowledge and depth of knowledge, as it involves many aspects of marketing, engineering, creative & design, coding & programming, usability, analytics, various Internet marketing & promotional techniques, and much more!. As you can see, there is really a lot of work involved in the process and thus, the quality of service that you receive from any given web design company can vary greatly depending on their skills and experience.


The most expensive company will give you the best results

The web design industry is much like any other industry in that you do get what you pay for... to a certain extent. During your journey to find a Columbus Web Design company you may encounter wildly differing prices - from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

As a rule of thumb, stay away from the companies that charge extremely low and extremely high prices.  Generally speaking, any Columbus Web Design company advertising web design services for less than $500.00 should be approached with caution.  Any established web design company owner will tell you that it's just not possible to build a sustainable business model on $500.00 websites.  These low cost companies will either deliver sub-par services, or disappear into the night as dozens of Columbus Web Design companies do every year.

At the other extreme, some web design companies may quote upwards of $10,000, or even $50,000 or more for a large and complex project. So how do these companies get away with charging what they do? Well, most of the very expensive companies also include marketing and consulting services with the website development process. They will conduct all the marketing research, competitive & industry analysis, and company analysis, and then put together a strategic marketing plan to achieve established objectives. What you're paying for here is the marketing & consulting - not necessarily the actual website design services. So if you're being quoted an exorbitant amount, make sure that you're getting full consulting & marketing services - not just very expensive coding & graphic design.

Most web design companies in Columbus are going to quote a base website price of $1,000 - $3,000.   It's in this price range that most small business owners will not only get the best value for their money, but also can realize significant savings.  Often, a company charging $1,000 can deliver a product comparable to a company charging $3,000 for the same work.  The difference is really just overhead and labour costs, and lower prices are often a sign of an efficiently run operation.


Custom web design is a turn-key process

First time website buyers sometimes assume that all they have to do is hire a web design company and then magically 2 weeks later, their website is complete. This is definitely not true - website development is a process that involves both the business owner and the website design company.

If you hire a more expensive web design company that provides marketing & consulting services, the marketing strategy will be developed for you and they will also take care of other aspects like writing the copy (text) that will appear on the website. When hiring a lower cost company, the business owner will typically be responsible for providing more direction to the web design company and also supplying most of the website content (text).

At the very least, the business owner's constant feedback and clear communication will be required throughout the process. Because of this, it's best to work with a local company that's available to meet with you in person multiple times during the project. The in-person meetings ensure that your vision is properly communicated to the web design company with the least amount of static.

We would love to discuss your project details with you - today!  If you're ready to start working with an experienced web design company that's truly located in Columbus, and not overseas, simply just give call us at , e-mail us at , or
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