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When you've been in the Columbus Web Design business as long as we have, you learn how to create a fantastic website at an unbeatable price.

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Columbus Web Design FAQ: Bringing your website design project from concept to tangible product isn't an easy task.  Get your answers to some of the most common web design questions in our Frequently Asked Questions.  Read More...
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Design F.A.Q.

Why should I choose BHS Web Design to develop my Internet website?
  For any business, controlling costs is just as important as driving sales.  BHS Web Design will provide an aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, search engine friendly web site for less than other competitors.  There is no point paying thousands of dollars more for a website that will not look or perform any better than the product we will deliver.


How quickly will my web design project be completed?
  We run quite the efficient organization here at BHS Web Design, and pride ourselves on speedy turn-around times. A typical website for a small or medium sized business can be delivered in under 14 days, and larger projects, such as e-commerce websites, can be delivered in under 30 days.


Will you meet with me to discuss my project details?
  Yes, unlike some web design companies that try to hide behind phone or e-mail, we meet with you in person at our downtown Columbus office 1-2 times as required to complete your web design project.


What is required of me to get the project completed?
  It's best if you can provide us with as many marketing and promotional items as possible, such as your logo & colour combinations, corporate brochure, advertisements, etc.  This will ensure that the website we design remains consistent with your corporate identity. 

After a design has been created and approved, it is the client's responsibility to provide us with the website's content (text).  If you don't feel comfortable writing the copy for your website, you can provide us with a list of key points you'd like to discuss on each page and we can write the copy for an additional fee.


Is there a deposit required for each project?
  Yes, we do require a deposit before getting started with any project, but unlike other Columbus Web Design companies who may demand 50% or even 100% of the project price, we only ask for a 33% retainer before getting started with your web design project.


If I need additional work or maintenance on my website, what will it cost me?
  Unlike many larger design firms that charge $60 or even $80 / hour, BHS Web Design charges only $25 per hour for any additional work beyond the initial website development.


What if I need a domain name or hosting service?
  Once your website has been designed, it must be hosted on a server so that it can be accessed over the Internet.  You will also need a domain name for your website (  We provide website hosting and e-mail service for $100 / year if you don't already have a web hosting provider.

We would love to discuss your project details with you - today!  If you're ready to start working with an experienced web design company that's truly located in Columbus, and not overseas, simply just give call us at , e-mail us at , or
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